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The group being formed is the first step in the dream to have decentralized self regulation in the world of cryptocurrency
— Lou Kerner, former Goldman Sachs analyst, Wall St.'s Mr. Bitcoin
I’m excited for the CWG to usher in an orderly and growing market. When we founded VON, we faced similar challenges and were able to help the VOIP industry flourish. We are doing the same thing now in Crypto.
— Jeff Pulver
Instead of an ‘us against them’ strategy, it is important to work within the existing regulations and help shape future ones. Blockchain technology is not going away and finding ways for traditional establishments to embrace this technology that will help cut down on fraud while increasing efficiency is a win win situation for everyone. The CWG intends to bring together industry leaders to create more framework and accelerate development
— Margaux Avedisian Partner, and EVP at Transform Group
Cryptocurrency is not going away. Smart leaders in finance and government should recognize the potential and demand for crypto, embrace it and start forming sensible regulations to help govern the sector broadly and intelligently.
— Bradley Tusk, Founder & CEO at Tusk Ventures
It’s exciting to see a thriving community of blockchain leaders, advisors, high tech innovators entrepreneurs, investors and former regulators collaborate on enhancing standards and best practice for merging institutional capital with impactful blockchain projects. As a founding member, I look forward to working with the Crypto Working Group as we usher in the future of cryptocurrency.
— Steven Nerayoff Esq., LL.M., Alchemist Founder, and legal architect of the Ethereum ICO.
Worldwide, the most serious blockchain entrepreneurs, established fintech companies, and largest cryptocurrency investors are all proactively working with their respective regulatory authorities to collaboratively develop and actively support the adoption of clear regulatory policies and best practices for this burgeoning industry. There is broad recognition that the transformative social impact and economic development opportunities afforded by crypto-economics will only be realized sustainably with government as a key partner.
— Andrew Hoppin,, First CIO of NY Sentate